Monday, December 10, 2012

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies!

Well, I have to admit
I have a "thing" for sugar cookies!
I have an entire board on Pinterest
dedicated to sugar cookies.

What is it about sugar cookies?
I think they are an absolute requirement
at any festive occasion. 

Lacey had three showers!
There were sugar cookies at all three!
Now, I am about to tell my secret sugar cookie connection.
It actually sort of pains me...
because she is so amazing and I kind of wanted to
keep her all to myself!

That wouldn't be nice though,
 so here goes!
Her name is Jamie Blades and she is the
world's best sugar cookie maker and decorator.

Her cookies not only look amazing!
They taste amazing!

Just check these out! 

These flowers were about 5 inches across.  Huge!

How about these darling engagement rings!
Jamie uses edible glitter, pearls and sugar for accents.

I loved these hearts!

The cowboy boots were also a hit!

Jamie made these for the bridesmaids luncheon.
Seriously?  So cute!

Now, I am about to show you the cookies she made for the wedding reception!
Get ready because you won't believe your eyes!


Wedding Gowns!


Guess what!  The cookies were GONE in ten minutes!

Thank you Jamie!
I love your amazing cookies and now half
this town loves your cookies too!

PS.  Jamie has a "real" job as an RN
so if you want her to make cookies for you
be sure and give her plenty of notice!!

I will live 
Happily Ever After
as long as I can have one of Jamie's 
cookies every once in a while!

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