Saturday, April 28, 2012

Photo Guestbook

Photo Guestbook 

I spent the day making a photo guestbook
for Lacey and Jarrod's
Happily Ever After!

(I had to google guestbook to see if it is one word or two...
Evidently, it's fine either way!)

So I uploaded photos and went to work.
Lacey came over and helped choose what to put where.
(Great excuse to spend the day with my sweet girl.)

I had a Shutterfly I used it.
This book cost a whopping $12.49

I will let you know if the book looks good, bad or PERFECT!

By the way...
Kelly Madole took some of these photos and 
she will be shooting the wedding.
She is amazing!!

I am looking forward to Lacey and Jarrod's
Happily Ever After!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wedding Wands

The venue is booked!
It's very exciting to have a place booked!
It's also a huge relief!

We have a place to eat, dance and celebrate!

There are rules!  
Lots and lots of rules.
Lots of do's and don'ts.

I am going to follow the rules...
(It's going to be really hard!)

One of the rules is...

What the heck?

I spent the weekend figuring out what to do instead.
We need to send the bride and groom off in style.
We need something fun, festive and NOT MESSY!

I decided to make Wedding Wands.
We will wave these when Lacey and Jarrod 
leave the venue for their honeymoon!

It will be PERFECT! doesn't break the rules!

I am off to a great start! 

Here's how to make wedding wands.

1.  You need tons of ribbon!
  Lots and lots of ribbon.

2.  You need bells...jingle bells!

3.  You also need dowel rods.
       Lots and lots of dowel rods!

Then you need patience.
Lots and lots of patience.
and time...
(It's 6:00 pm and I am still in my PJ's and haven't brushed my teeth YET!

When you are finished you will be so HAPPY!

I made about 60 of these and still have supplies to make 40 more.

I think they look pretty and I am so happy that I am following the rules!

It's really fun working on Lacey and Jarrod's 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Burlap Heaven

I am in burlap heaven!
Who knew burlap could be this much fun?

This is just a little peek!

I know I need to keep secrets....
I am a terrible secret keeper!

I am having so much fun
working on Lacey and Jarrod's

Happily Ever After.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Wedding!
There is so much to do for The Wedding.

"The Tizzy" has officially begun.
You know what "The Tizzy" is don't you?

"The Tizzy" is the way THE mom acts before company comes over!
"The Tizzy" is what happens anytime THE mom gets stressed out.

I AM "The TIZZY" thrower! 
This is me.  I am THE MOM.  I am much calmer in this photo.

(I look really chubby which is another reason why I am in a Tizzy.)

There....I said it!  I am owning it!
I will apologize like 7 months.

so...this is what "The Tizzy" looked like this weekend.

I spent ALL DAY SATURDAY looking for burlap.
Not just ANY burlap.  I need WEDDING burlap.

I know...the people in ALL the stores gave me the same eye roll.
wedding burlap is the core of my being right now.

Here's why I need burlap.

I am making burlap flowers...100's of burlap flowers.

Don't make the mistake of asking me what the flowers are for...
(Larry asked me what they were for.  I almost had a heart attack!)


Now you know what "The Tizzy" looks like.

You might want to steer clear of THE MOM for the next few months
I am planning my daughter's