Monday, November 12, 2012

Forever Wrapped Around Our Hearts

We have A Gratitude Attitude

We have been humbled by the outpouring of
love from our family and friends!
We are so thrilled!
The wedding is five days away 
and we are looking forward to sharing
this special day with our loved ones.

We have been busy working on a little something
for our guests to take with them from the wedding.

Here's what we came up with!

We ordered 400 yards of fold over elastic 
and made Twist Bands for everyone.

If you aren't familiar with Twist Bands
they are handy little hair ties that you can also wear on your wrist.
They are quite the rage here in Norman, Oklahoma
and can be kind of pricey depending on where you buy them.

They are super easy to make and much more affordable 
if you are a DIY kind of person!

Here's where we made it even cooler...

 We ordered cards that matched Lacey's shower invitations

and wedding invitations!
Pretty cute!

We attached three Twist Bands to a chain
and added one of our cute cards.

There you have it!
A little something to take home
Lacey and Jarrod's 
Happily Ever After

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Food Glorious Food!

What's for Dinner?
Those of you who know me
KNOW how much I love GOOD food!
You are probably wondering
what's for dinner 
at Lacey's and Jarrod's wedding?

Well I am not telling what's on the menu
I can guarantee it is going to be delicious!

I love to cook!  It's a fact!
I love to eat!  
An even more obvious fact!
We hired the best!
Abbey Road Catering.

Kris Abbey is the owner and she's kind of a big deal!

She is amazing and after meeting with her twice I can honestly say
I am completely relaxed.  
(Those of you who know me are rolling your eyes...but it's true)

She has everything under control and has been super easy to work with!

When we met with her today she had a plate of cookies waiting for us!
(My Kind OF GAL!)

Just look at these delicious treats!  
I told you she was amazing!

Even the outside of her studio looks festive!
I love the little details 
and that is what Kris
is all about!  
I can't wait to see how everything looks and
more importantly how everything tastes.

We are getting so excited for Lacey and Jarrod's
Happily Ever After!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Waste Not Want Not

Lacy Things For Lacey and Jarrod's Day

The wedding is two weeks away!
We are in the final stages of preparations
and everything is going great!

When Lacey and Jarrod selected their
theme for the wedding I was thrilled!

Burlap and Lace?
How perfect!
I have always loved lacy things
and loved Lacey even more
than lacy things!
I think I'm in heaven!

Here's where this story gets EVEN better!
Jarrod's precious grandmother was a collector!
Her name was Janis Rodney.
She loved all kinds of things.
One of the things she loved was LACE!
She was from the generation
where people saved everything and wasted NOTHING!
"Waste Not Want Not"

Jarrod and his mom Jill 
gave me the most amazing gift!
A huge box of LACE!

Isn't this fabulous.
What makes this so incredible is
some of the lace had been removed from
the original item it came from.
Curtains, tablecloths and dresses.
"Waste Not Want Not"

I think our grandparents really had things figured out! 
Don't you?

Now this treasure box of lace has
been repurposed into decorations for
her grandson's wedding!
A piece, 
or should I say many pieces of her
 will fill our day with love and joy.

We are grateful and will always
treasure her gift 

Lacey and Jarrod's
Happily Ever After!