Sunday, May 6, 2012

Playing Dress Up!

Grandma's Dress!

Shortly after THE engagement  Lacey and 
I were talking about wedding dresses.
It was special mom and daughter chit chat 
about what her "dream dress" would look like.

Our discussion made me think about my own wedding,
(way back in 1982!)

My mom was not a shopper!
My mom would avoid shopping at all costs!
When it came time for me to look for my wedding dress
my mom gave me the credit card and said, 
"I trust your judgement".
Instead of my mom,
my sister in law went with me.
(I still remember how sweet Patti was to me!)
We went to JCP in Crossroads Mall
I bought the one and only dress I tried on...
 mainly because it fit!
There was no dreaming about the perfect dress,
no shopping trips to NYC or Dallas,
no champagne,
and NO MOM standing by my side to say
how "beautiful" I looked.

I was kind of mad at my mom for missing out 
on what I thought was a special day.

Now that I am a mom of a daughter getting married...
I realize that it was truly hard for my mom.
(She loved wasn't that.)
It was just very hard for her to watch her oldest daughter
grow up and get married.

Years later...
Shortly before my mother passed away,
she called me into her bedroom and told me to get her
wedding gown out of her closet.
She wanted me to have it!
I considered the gift an extraordinary honor considering I have three sisters.
(I think my mom regretted not being with me when I bought my dress.)

The reason I am talking about all this sentimental stuff is...

Here's Lacey in my mom's wedding dress.

I love and cherish these pictures with all my heart.
(Lacey was very excited to play "dress ups" with me.)

Lacey loved my mom's dress and considered wearing it for her wedding
but I really encouraged Lacey to get her very own "Dream Dress".

By the way,
here is my mom, Lacey's  Grandmother on her wedding day!

My mom lived Happily Ever After, with my dad for 39 years!
I think Lacey and Jarrod will Live Happily Ever After as well!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Ring!

The Engagement Ring!

Here it is!

Lacey's engagement ring!

It's beautiful.
It's perfect!
It's the ring Jarrod chose, 
all by himself
to propose to Lacey with.

He did a GREAT job.

Lacey loves it!
We love it!

This is the ring Lacey will wear forever!

They are going to live 
Happily Ever After!

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Garage Sale Goldmine

Garage Sale Fabulousness!

Today was perfect.
Today I scored BIG Time!

I got a lead...from a really good friend!
Some people may say I got insider information!
(Okay, so I got a text...while I was at work...)
This was just too good to pass up!

The big news/text said:


Does my friend know me or what?

I nearly fainted.
My heart started racing!
I got all out of breath!
I had a little bit of a TIZZY!

I made sure nobody was following me
and raced on over to the secret location.

There it was!

The first thing I spotted was two rolls of Burlap!
Are you kidding me right now!

Be STILL my palpitating heart!!

My eyes nearly popped out of my pounding head!

(Did you see the price?)
Yup! $3.00 bucks
Two rolls, 14 inches wide, 10 yards long of


I have hit the burlap lottery!

AND that's not all!

Check out these beauties!

Bottles ~ 18 of them to be precise!

Mason jars...all wired up and ready to hang from wedding heaven!

MORE and MORE jars for our Happily Ever After.

Are you with me?
Get ready...
25 cents, a piece!
Even the bottles.
(I felt like I was stealing!)
I didn't even try and haggle.
I actually contemplated giving them a tip.

And, that's not all.

Check this cool thingy out!

It's a shower curtain...or that's what SOME people might use it for.

I think we will use it for a backdrop for something, anything!
All I know is it's cool and it was $5.00.

last but not least...

Two brand new Arthur Court serving trays.

 TEN BUCKS a piece.
I know!  I know!

Today I spent $50.00 of our wedding budget!
Hey, not bad!

My life if complete or at least the day is complete.

I have officially won the crown for Garage Sale Princess!
(The Queen Crown goes to my friend Jessica for the tip/text of the year!)

So, I will keep you posted on what I do with all these fabulous treasures for
Lacey and Jarrod's 
Happily Ever After!

PS ~  Spell check is going crazy on my 
made up words but I don't care!
I think fabulousness should be a real word!