Friday, August 10, 2012

Time To Smell The Roses

Off to Poppy Lane!

There are so many decisions to make
when you are planning a wedding!
However, choosing a florist was a simple one!
Kelly Long, owner of Poppy Lane was the only option for us!

We love Kelly!  We trust Kelly 
and we are thrilled with her vision for
Lacey and Jarrod's
Happily Ever After!

One step in Poppy Lane's studio and we
knew we were in the right place!

Just look at all this yumminess!
Is yumminess a word?

Who knew there are actually flowers called "Billy Balls"?

Just look at these Calla Lilies.  Be still my beating heart!

Someone pinch me!  I am in Poppy Lane heaven!

These were a couple of arrangements Kelly had designed for a client.
We just love her style. 
 It's one of a kind and unmistakably
Poppy Lane!

We can't wait for Lacey and Jarrod's
Happily Ever After!