Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Candy Buffet

Candy Buffet!
We had a candy buffet at Lacey and Jarrod's wedding.
It was very festive and so much fun.

I ordered all different kinds of candy from the internet.

I searched and searched for all different types of jars.
I found a lot of them at Kirklands, Ross and TJ Maxx.
I didn't pay over $15.00 for any of them.

(These jars were filled four times during the night.)
I wish I had a picture of when they were all full.

This table was in the foyer area and was busy all night with people filling their bags.

I made signs for each jar.

I also made these candy sacks.
I used a lace edge punch to get the lace effect.
I ordered stickers with various engagement pictures and put them on the sacks.

The candy buffet was a great addition to Lacey and Jarrod's
Happily Ever After.

Reception Decor

It's all in the details!
I am a detail kind of gal.
Planning this wedding with Lacey and amazing vendors
made this wedding everything we hoped it would be!
It was an absolute labor of love!

The guest book and favor table was in the foyer.
I made the guest book on Shutterfly.  
It was 12x12 and turned out great.
It was filled with Lacey and Jarrod's engagement pictures and
is now a treasured keepsake of their wedding.

I painted lots of "G"'s for Gamble
and had them tucked in various places.

I filled this old suitcase with the "twistband" favors.

We had mason jars and tall cylinders filled with candles.  
I purchased the tall cylinders at the Dollar Tree!

Remember the "Wedding Wands" I blogged about months ago?
Here they are!
I made tons of signs and had them everywhere.

The gift table was decorated with pictures of Lacey's grandparents who have passed away, one of her bridal portraits, a framed wedding invitation, their engagement scrapbook and gorgeous florals.

We had 20 banquet tables each decorated with a slab of wood, mason jars
covered with burlap and lace, votive candles and 
assorted vases in various heights and sizes filled with flowers.

We had 8 tall bistro tables around the edge of the dance floor.

The tall cylinder vases were covered in lace and burlap.
It had curly willow in it as well.
I loved how this looked!  There were 4 of these!

I had little silver frames with assorted pictures of Lacey and Jarrod as well.

I purchased satin napkins and they were each tied with lace.

Remember the bottles I found at a garage sale?  Pretty cute don't you think!!

I rented some great antique pieces from our florist, Poppy Lane.
She did wonders working with these pieces!

The cake table was my favorite part of all the decorations.
Lacey and Jarrod loved it as well.
This table was filled with confections, beautiful, romantic flowers and candles.

Here are the famous sugar cookies made by my friend Jamie.  They 
were gone in 10 minutes!
We had 10 dozen cupcakes as well as the cake and cookies.

The pewter cake stand was placed on an antique suitcase! 
The large floral was arranged in an antique sap bucket!  Gorgeous!

The reception decor was beautiful.
We were very grateful for all the help from our vendors.
Lacey and Jarrod loved every moment of this night.

What a great way to begin their
Happily Ever After!

Dewberry Wedding Cinema

We decided to spend
part of our wedding budget on a videographer.
It was a great decision.

We worked with a husband and wife team,
John and Rachel Dewberry, owners
of Dewberry Wedding Cinema.
All I can say is they did an amazing job.
They spent 9 hours with us on Lacey and Jarrod's wedding day!!

John captures the majority of footage and Rachel is the editing genius.

Lacey and Jarrod selected four songs that were meaningful to them
and the rest is history.

I haven't figured out how to attach the video directly to
this post but there are several links on Pinterest and Facebook
that will take you right to it.
It is posted on Vimeo.

Look for this.

  • Media  

    •  We will treasure this forever!
      Thank you Rachel and John for capturing
      Lacey and Jarrod's 
      Happily Ever After!

      First Glance

      "First Glance"

      We are normally very traditional, but recently
      attended a wedding where the bride and groom
      missed an hour and a half of their reception because
      they were taking pictures.
      Our reception venue was across town 
      and we decided a "First Glance" would
      be the way to go.

      Lacey was very nervous and excited for Jarrod to see her.
      We all stayed inside so they could have some privacy.

      Our photographer, Kelly Madole and her assistant, Alyssa Collins
      captured these intimate portraits for us.

      We are so happy with our decision to do a first glance.

      Lacey and Jarrod arrived at their reception 32 minutes after it began!
      They were able to enjoy the entire evening with their guests and 
       were able to see the decorations and food tables before
      they were completely destroyed!

      It was the right decision for 
      Lacey and Jarrod's Happily Ever After!

      Bridal Party Florals

      Bridal Party Florals

      Lacey and I worked with an amazing floral designer,
      Kelly Long of Poppy Lane!
      She worked with our vision
      and created stunning wedding party florals.

      Kelly created this gorgeous bouquet for Lacey's bridal portraits.
      She added the grey chevron burlap as a fun touch.
      The grey chevron matched Lacey and Jarrod's invitations!
      So Clever!

      Lacey's bouquet for her wedding day was absolutely gorgeous.
      Truly a masterpiece!
      We loved the giant pearl and burlap wrap.
      Kelly did a great job incorporating our theme!

      The bridesmaids bouquets were equally beautiful and each one was a little different.

      The colors were magnificent

      The groom had a one of a kind boutonniere!

      The groomsmen and ushers had a rustic mixture of berries and succulents.

      We loved everything about Kelly's designs!
      It was perfect for
      Lacey and Jarrod's Happily Ever After!

      By the way, all these photos were taken by our amazing
      photographer Kelly Madole.
      I loved how she captured every detail, knowing
      how important the details were to us!
      She is wonderful!

      Time to Get Ready!

      Ready? Ready!
      Lacey's Happily Ever After 
      finally arrived.
      In the midst of all the planning, decorating and dreaming
      there were a few moments to reflect on how blessed we were feeling.

      The excitement was building.
      Lacey was truly overwhelmed.
      She was very quiet.

      Lacey was surrounded by love.
      Her sister serving as maid of honor.
      Her cousin as a bridesmaid.
      Two of her childhood friends also stood by her side.

      It was time to get dressed.

      We were are speechless!
      She looked stunning!

      It's was finally time for
      Lacey and Jarrod's
      Happily Ever After!