Sunday, December 30, 2012

First Glance

"First Glance"

We are normally very traditional, but recently
attended a wedding where the bride and groom
missed an hour and a half of their reception because
they were taking pictures.
Our reception venue was across town 
and we decided a "First Glance" would
be the way to go.

Lacey was very nervous and excited for Jarrod to see her.
We all stayed inside so they could have some privacy.

Our photographer, Kelly Madole and her assistant, Alyssa Collins
captured these intimate portraits for us.

We are so happy with our decision to do a first glance.

Lacey and Jarrod arrived at their reception 32 minutes after it began!
They were able to enjoy the entire evening with their guests and 
 were able to see the decorations and food tables before
they were completely destroyed!

It was the right decision for 
Lacey and Jarrod's Happily Ever After!

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