Friday, March 23, 2012

THE Dress

We bought a dress!
Not just ANY dress.
We bought THE dress!

Isn't it funny?
All you have to say is...
We bought THE dress and people know
exactly what you are talking about!

I guess I should say,
"Lacey said Yes to THE dress."
That seems kind of cheesy though,
considering people don't normally talk to dresses.

I am actually a little sad we bought THE dress
because shopping for THE dress is so exciting!

I am not allowed to talk about THE dress,
show pictures of THE dress or mention any details about THE dress.

But.......Lacey never gave me any rules about the dresses
that were NOT THE dress!

So here's a peek.

Nope, none of these were THE dress.


this was ALMOST THE dress!
(Isn't this a beautiful dress!)

If you think this dress is gorgeous wait till you see THE dress.
It brought tears to my eyes.
It brought tears to Lacey's eyes.
(Larry isn't saying if it brought tears to his eyes.)

So we bought THE dress for Lacey's

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