Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Once Upon A Time

One boy, one girl,
Two hearts beating wildly,
To put it mildly, it was love at first sight.
He smiled, she smiled, and they knew right away
This was the day they'd been waiting for all their lives.
For a moment the whole world
Revolved around one boy, and one girl.

Meet Lacey!
Lacey is my daughter.
She is my oldest daughter.
She is my first daughter to get married
and I am completely obsessing over wedding plans.  

This is Jarrod!
He is an only child!
He is marrying my daughter
and I already love him very much!

They are crazy about each other!

They met in Norman, Oklahoma
and began dating about four years ago.

Lacey is in love with Jarrod!
Jarrod is in love with Lacey!

They are planning to live

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