Thursday, March 22, 2012

Legacy of Love

My daughter is getting married.

My heart feels like it could it explode.

Mostly, I am happy!
I am happy because Lacey is happy!

Lacey is our first born child 
When she was little she was a certified Momma's girl!

We were joined at the hip!  She cried anytime I left her
or even walked out of the room!

As Lacey got older she ventured out more and realized her DAD
was her kindred spirit!  She is her dad through and through!
They both have very kind hearts and a great sense of humor.
They both see the good in people and trust unconditionally.

(They both love coffee more than anything or anyone...just kidding, sort of!)

So, why am I talking about all this sentimental stuff?
I guess because I was thinking about family 
and the legacy of love Lacey comes from. 

This was her "Papa" Nolan.  Lacey loved him more than ANYTHING!

This was "Grandma" Nolan.  
Her grandma was fiercely protective of her!

This was Lacey's Grandma and Grandpa Crow.
They loved Lacey, their first born grandchild.

Generations of marriage.
Generations of couples who fought through hardship
to raise children and love each other.
These people who are no longer with us but will be remembered forever!
They are the people who taught Lacey how to love,
unconditionally and without regret.

So, I am at peace!
Lacey KNOWS how to love and how to be loved in return!

She is ready to live


  1. Nancy,
    I know you and Lacey will put together a fantastic wedding celebration! Your an awesome/talented Mom w/ an awesome/talented daughter and I know you will really enjoy giving so much of yourself to your 1st baby girl on her big day. Have lots of fun. Can't wait to see you again soon.