Saturday, April 28, 2012

Photo Guestbook

Photo Guestbook 

I spent the day making a photo guestbook
for Lacey and Jarrod's
Happily Ever After!

(I had to google guestbook to see if it is one word or two...
Evidently, it's fine either way!)

So I uploaded photos and went to work.
Lacey came over and helped choose what to put where.
(Great excuse to spend the day with my sweet girl.)

I had a Shutterfly I used it.
This book cost a whopping $12.49

I will let you know if the book looks good, bad or PERFECT!

By the way...
Kelly Madole took some of these photos and 
she will be shooting the wedding.
She is amazing!!

I am looking forward to Lacey and Jarrod's
Happily Ever After!

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