Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wedding Wands

The venue is booked!
It's very exciting to have a place booked!
It's also a huge relief!

We have a place to eat, dance and celebrate!

There are rules!  
Lots and lots of rules.
Lots of do's and don'ts.

I am going to follow the rules...
(It's going to be really hard!)

One of the rules is...

What the heck?

I spent the weekend figuring out what to do instead.
We need to send the bride and groom off in style.
We need something fun, festive and NOT MESSY!

I decided to make Wedding Wands.
We will wave these when Lacey and Jarrod 
leave the venue for their honeymoon!

It will be PERFECT! doesn't break the rules!

I am off to a great start! 

Here's how to make wedding wands.

1.  You need tons of ribbon!
  Lots and lots of ribbon.

2.  You need bells...jingle bells!

3.  You also need dowel rods.
       Lots and lots of dowel rods!

Then you need patience.
Lots and lots of patience.
and time...
(It's 6:00 pm and I am still in my PJ's and haven't brushed my teeth YET!

When you are finished you will be so HAPPY!

I made about 60 of these and still have supplies to make 40 more.

I think they look pretty and I am so happy that I am following the rules!

It's really fun working on Lacey and Jarrod's 

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