Sunday, May 6, 2012

Playing Dress Up!

Grandma's Dress!

Shortly after THE engagement  Lacey and 
I were talking about wedding dresses.
It was special mom and daughter chit chat 
about what her "dream dress" would look like.

Our discussion made me think about my own wedding,
(way back in 1982!)

My mom was not a shopper!
My mom would avoid shopping at all costs!
When it came time for me to look for my wedding dress
my mom gave me the credit card and said, 
"I trust your judgement".
Instead of my mom,
my sister in law went with me.
(I still remember how sweet Patti was to me!)
We went to JCP in Crossroads Mall
I bought the one and only dress I tried on...
 mainly because it fit!
There was no dreaming about the perfect dress,
no shopping trips to NYC or Dallas,
no champagne,
and NO MOM standing by my side to say
how "beautiful" I looked.

I was kind of mad at my mom for missing out 
on what I thought was a special day.

Now that I am a mom of a daughter getting married...
I realize that it was truly hard for my mom.
(She loved wasn't that.)
It was just very hard for her to watch her oldest daughter
grow up and get married.

Years later...
Shortly before my mother passed away,
she called me into her bedroom and told me to get her
wedding gown out of her closet.
She wanted me to have it!
I considered the gift an extraordinary honor considering I have three sisters.
(I think my mom regretted not being with me when I bought my dress.)

The reason I am talking about all this sentimental stuff is...

Here's Lacey in my mom's wedding dress.

I love and cherish these pictures with all my heart.
(Lacey was very excited to play "dress ups" with me.)

Lacey loved my mom's dress and considered wearing it for her wedding
but I really encouraged Lacey to get her very own "Dream Dress".

By the way,
here is my mom, Lacey's  Grandmother on her wedding day!

My mom lived Happily Ever After, with my dad for 39 years!
I think Lacey and Jarrod will Live Happily Ever After as well!

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